‘Ocho y Mas Club’

This is a club of your best friends

The ‘Ocho y Mas Club’ of Caecus represents the essence or core of Pago de Larrea. The number 8 has a special meaning for us: It is the sum of the brothers and sisters and parents who launched this wine cultivation adventure. That’s why we wanted to call our most modern wine ‘8 de Caecus’ and it’s the reason for its inclusion in the name of the club. But we are not just 8: ‘Ocho y Mas’ means ‘More than 8’, to include all of you wine lovers. You have joined us on our adventure. Your support encourages us every day to follow our dream. This makes you spontaneous ambassadors of Caecus, and as such, indispensable in this adventure.

How does it work?

·The ‘Ocho y Mas Club’ rewards your trust, at the same time as facilitating your support.

By being a member of this club:
  • Our wine will cost you less. You will see a discount on the winery RRP.
  • There is no transportation charge for forwarding to you
  • The winery is your home too. You are invited to visit us whenever you like and we will offer you a wine tasting and aperitive at no cost, other than that of your visit. And if you wish, we can treat your friends or clients exactly the same as you, even if you are not present.
  • Your friends will also benefit. Those who use your Club card number for purchases could avail of advantages as well as adding to your card points, leading to rewards.
  • You can avail of this exclusive email for Club members,, or call on 945 606-063
  • Remember to indicate you Club member card number every time you make a purchase at the winery or make an order so as to access these benefits.
  • The advantages described in this page are exclusive to ‘Ocho y Mas Club’ de Caecus card holders
  • The Pago de Larrea Winery reserves the right of admission or exclusion of the Club
  • The Club Card is personal and non transferable