8 de Caecus


This is the signature wine of Pago de Larrea, a wine somwhere between a crianza and a reserve. This wine celebrates the eight brothers and sisters which share the adventure of the family winery with their parents

Tasting Notes

Alcoholic strength


Grape variety

100% Tempranillo

Serving temperature

17ºC to 20ºC

A deep cherry-like color, long and aromatic bouquet with ripe red fruit and special notes. It is balanced and fruity on the palate, and the typical must-have properties of tempranillo. The aging in oak impart a hint of toasted oak and the resulting mouthfeel is so complex and elegant that it invites further tasting. A characteristic wine to go with cured iberico ham, foie, mature cheeses, oil-rich fish, game and all kinds of red meat or grilled meat.

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Eight windows dispuestas
open to help craft the best wine

La artista The artist Marian Cot visited our winery at the height of the grape harvest and discovered materials and colors which inspired her next work.

The wine press was working ceaselessly in the winery at that time and the color and texture of the wine lees caught her attention, enough to “frame” them. That special consignment she took away included leaves, grapes, filters and a collection of photos which represented the spectacular chromatic variety of Rioja in October.

All of that material returned to the winery in the shape of a painting. The artist said that the eight windows represent the eight Larrea brothers and sisters whose willingness to work together gave rise to Caecus.

A special wine was being created in the barrels of the winery around that time. A wine which would typify the winery and the family better than any other. A wine which retained the joyfulness of the fruit and contained as many notes as possible. A wine which is simply complex, or complexly straightforward.

That wine lacked a name until the eight windows of the Marian Cot painting burst into the reception of the winery, the colors of the label and of the capsule derive from that painting too.