T his was the first wine made by Pago de Larrea. It was born with the winery in 2003. This young wine continues to surprise, year after year, because such a young wine can be so good. Highly recommended for lovers of young wine.

Tasting Notes

Alcoholic strength


Grape variety

95% Tempranillo y 5% Garnacha

Serving temperature

15ºC to 17ºC

Rich grenadine color. Floral and fruity aromas predominate in the bouquet, while being clean and expressive on the palate where the ripe fruit and licorice flavors are notable. Frank and tasty with the tannins well integrated and a pleasant lingering harmonious aftertaste.

Perfect for accompanying traditional stews and vegetables, grilled meats and fish-in-sauce dishes.

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This is the aroma of a winery
during the grape harvest

The bouquet of Caecus Joven transports you to the winery during the grape harvest.

At the end of September when the grape harvest normally begins in Elciego, the winery smells of fruit, of ripe grapes. It is a characteristic aroma which make a memorable impression on anyone who passes through either to work or to share in the star moment of the year.

That aroma is captured and that memory can be relived in the bouquet of Caecus Joven when opened and tasted. That aroma has the capacity to transcend time and place to sweep you back to the grape harvest in the winery. It is an unusual and amazing wine, not just another young wine.

It is produced from the freshest grapes of the Romañíguez plot. They are fresher because they come from the banks of the Ebro river, which runs right beside the plot. They are also the biggest berries due to that proximity. We don’t even need 600 grape berries to make a bottle.

Like youth, it is permitted to be bold, and we are grateful for that. It is uncommon for a young wine to surprise this much.