CAECUS Crianza

Now for a more serious matter. This is a Crianza in the Riojan style, bursting with personality and with a notable terroir. Made 100% from Tempranillo grape, this is a wine rounded-off by spending 14 months in French and American oak barrels

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes


Grape variety

100% Tempranillo

Serving temperature

16º to 19º

Good depth of color with young expression and notes. A fine but prolonged intense aroma. The ripe fruit notes are elegantly mixed-in with a toasted and smoky note appropriate of new noble oak. Good intense tannic and balsamic notes on the palate. This is a balanced velvety wine with a good long aftertaste. Excellent marriage with Mediterranean dishes: pies, stews, grilled or braised meats, cured meats, cheese and pate. .

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When terroir leaves it mark
for life on a wine

Romañíguez, the plot of vines where we harvest all of the grapes used to craft Caecus, represents the best of the Rioja Alavesa wine territory, and that is transmitted to the wine.

The geography provides, among other things, the homogeneity needed every year and the very identifiable terroir that the local tempranillo grape has.

In making the wine, the bunches of grapes are destemmed on entering the winery. Then the crushed grapes are held at a low temperature for two to three days before the start of fermentation, and it is stirred and mixed to get the best out of the grapes. We use our own strains of yeast for the alcoholic fermentation. After the alcoholic fermentation is complete, the wine is passed to barrels where the malolactic fermentation occurs and it remains there for 14 months in the French oak (30%) and American oak (70%) barrels, and decanted twice during that time. Once the final blending in bulk is complete, the wine is gently filtered before bottling.