CAECUS Reserva

Great expectations. We take the smaller grapes from the oldest vines of the Romañiguez plot of vines which are situated furthest from the river at the foot of Miralobueno hills and they convert our Reserve wine into a superb wine in body and soul, a wine tailormade to satisfy.

Tasting Notes

Alcoholic strength


Grape variety

100% Tempranillo

Serving temperature

17ºC to 20ºC

Intense depth of color with young notes typical of tempranillo. Intensely aromatic ripe fruit and balsamic bouquet. This is big and wide on the palate with a balanced tannic content for a long life to round out a complex wine. This Reserva will age well in the bottle and can be enjoyed at any stage in that evolution. Excellent marriage with any kind of pasta, red meats, stews, game, cheeses and foie gas.

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A reserve wine
for great occasions

We are not trying to limit this wine to select occasions, No. What we mean is that we can only make it when there is a sufficiently good grape harvest, that’s all. This exclusivity gives makes it appearance as special as a gran cru

LThe crafting of Caecus Reserva is exceptional right from its origins in half-century-old vines which were planted freestanding, as was the norm in Rioja Alavesa in the mid 20th century. The vines produce three or four bunches of grapes and small berries. The first selection is performed, during the grape harvest, in the vineyard.

This wine matures for at least 20 months in French and American barrels. These are new barrels which have only stored this wine. Afterwards, they are aged for one year in the bottle in the dark without noise or vibration and at a constant temperature.

This is how we craft our premium wine. This is a modern Rioja wine suited to demanding palates. The perfect wine to accompany a long and relaxed conversation, a meeting of friends or as the star at a dinner party.