CAECUS Graciano

This limited production made the single grape variety Graciano is simply spectacular. This is for lovers of exciting wines.

Tasting Notes

Alcoholic strength


Grape variety

100% Graciano

Serving temperature

16º to 19º

The center is a deep red with blue hues around the edges. This is a very aromatic wine where we can find hints of blueberries and fruits of the forest, aromatic herbs and maybe anis, mint or eucalyptus. A pleasant tannic presence and very balanced acidity. This wine will age well in the bottle.

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Pure Caecus, pure Graciano,
pure family

We decided to baptize this wine as ‘Caecus Graciano Selection Familiar’ to perfectly encapsulate what we set out to do. This house brand, and of the terroir, is made only from the Graciano grape variety and is harvested by family members.

This patch of vines which surrounds the winery at the entrance to the village of Elciego, is the youngest of all of this winery. We decided to only plant vines of the Graciano variety, thinking that this would be of help in crafting a special wine. No doubt the intention was to blend with tempranillo, but events overtook that idea.

In the 2016 grape harvest, all the family, old and young, participated in the harvest around October 12th, like in the old days. The idea arose of making a small batch of a single grape variety wine. But that trial batch with just 300 bottles blew us away. That wine was out of this world.

A few harvests down the road, Graciano Selection Familiar is a more serious undertaking. The production is still limited at 1500 bottles, but the results are equally breathtaking. This is a wine which will be talked about.